Centrifugal Monoblock Pump sets 1440 RPM

Centrifugal Monoblock Pump sets 1440 RPM

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Centrifugal Monoblock Pump sets 1440 RPM

OSWAL Centrifugal Monoblock Pump Sets 1440 RPM with optimum suction lift characteristic is in huge demand in the market for its extensive hydraulic efficiency. We have equipped these pump sets with advanced impellers, ball bearing, and seals that augment the life of the product. OSWAL Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps confirm to IS: 9079 and powered by fan cooled AC induction motor ideal for consistent performance. We have used premium grade low watt loss steel laminations to fabricate motor stator that promises consistent, noiseless, and vibration free operation. Moreover, the OSWAL Centrifugal Monoblock Pump Sets are varnish impregnated windings designed and developed from copper wire. Herein, the pump shaft is suitable for transmission of rated Horsepower.

Key Features

  • All single-phase versions available in 1Ø from 0.5HP to 3.0 HP.
  • Thermal over Load protector
  • Outstanding resistant
  • Balanced and rigid construction
  • Dynamically balance rotor and impellers delivers optimal efficiency
  • Designed to operate in fluctuating voltage conditions
  • Simple design for easy servicing
  • Inbuilt thermal overload protector
  • Models available with extended shaft
  • Conform to IS-9079

Technical Specifications

Specification :

Single Phase

Three Phase

Power Range

1.5 KW - 3.7 KW / 2 HP to 5 HP

1.5 KW - 11 KW / 2 HP to 15 HP


1440 rpm

1440 rpm

Flow rate

180 lpm - 1380 lpm /
10.80 m3H - 82.83 m3H

180 lpm - 4400 lpm /
10.80 m3H - 264 m3H

Head rate

5 mtrs. - 16 mtrs.

5 mtrs. - 32 mtrs.

Suction lift up to

6 mtr.

6 mtr.

Pump Size (outlet)

25 mm - 100 mm / 1 inch - 4 inch

25 mm - 125 mm / 1 inch - 6 inch


200-240V, A.C., 50 Hz, Permanent Split capacitor CSR

415 V, AC, 50 Hz

Degree of Protection

IP 44

IP 44

Class of insulation

A /B / F

A / E / B / F

Type of Duty

S1 (Continuous)

S1 (Continuous)

Direction of Rotation

CW-Viewed from driving end

CW-Viewed from driving end

Thermal Protector



Method of Starting

Capacitor start and capacitor run.

0.5 - 3 HP - DOL
5.0 - 15 HP - SD

Material of Construction

Part Name


Pump Casing

Cast Iron

Motor Frame

Aluminum Alloy / C.I.


Cast Iron


SS 410 / E.N. 8


Gland packing

Bracket / front end shield

Cast Iron

Rear end shield

Cast Iron

Stator body

Cast Iron


Anti frictional ball bearing

Pump Liquids :
Clean, thin, non-aggressive, non-ex plosive, clear, cold, fresh water without abrasives, solid particle or fibers shall mean the water having the following characteristics.

Maximum Liquid Temperature

50oC (max.)

Permissible amount of sand

25 gm/m3 (max.)

Chlorine ion density

500 ppm (max.)

Allowable solids

3000 ppm (max.)

Specific gravity

1.004 (max.)

Hardness (drinking water)

300 (max.)


1.75 x 106m2/sec (max.)


50 ppm silica scale (max.)

pH value

6.5 to 8.5.